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Mountain Roads Play Mat - Pink

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This mountain roads adventure mat is a great way for your child to explore an imaginative world of trees, mountains, lakes, and so much more. Picture your child sitting on this mat with their toy cars, driving through the wilderness and high in the splendor of a scenic mountain pass, allowing their imaginations to run wild and carefree. This soft, 100% cotton mat is large enough too perhaps even join your child and relive those days of childhood, playing beside them and having a great bonding experience. Besides being playful, it's also quite decorative and will make a great focal point for a child's room or baby's nursery, too.


- Made with 100% cotton outer fabric and printed using eco-friendly, water-based inks. 

- Soft and plush making it comfortable for your little one to play on for hours

- Machine washable

- Drawstring bag included 

- Size: 104x100cm